Welcome to our May Messy Church Online

Our theme for this month is the story of Noah and the Ark.

Thanks to the Bible Gateway you can read the story in Genesis 5:32-10:1  from the International Children's Bible.


How Does Messy Church Online Work

1)Start by enjoying our messy table activities. Take as long as you like and feel free to do them again and again.

2)Like we normally do you can share pictures of your messy creations by uploading them to us with the link below..

3)Once you have enjoyed being messy you need to tidy up. See if you can beat our Messy Church 5 minute countdown clock.

4)Once everything is put away please join us for the talk and prayers.

5) Finally before you eat you can sing our Messy Grace, its stamp your feet or click your fingers time.

Unfortunately we cannot replicate the taste and smell of the kitchen cooking our shared meal but perhaps you can do that at home.

We hope you enjoy Messy Church Online. Join us again on June 14th when we will have a new theme, activities and talk.

God Bless

The Christ Church Messy Church Team

1) Here are our May Activity Tables


Foil and Origami Animals

Noah's Ark Activity

(Download Noah's Ark Template)

Massive Art 2

Rainbow Pizza

Walking Rainbow

Natural Animals

Minecraft Noah's Ark Tour

Junk Animals

Paper Dove

Key Worker Thankyou

Lego Challenge

Can you build a replica Noah's Ark or one of the animals

Poster Challenge

Can you design a poster featuring a rainbow with the theme "God Always Keeps His Promises" .

Cockermouth Emergency Response Group Activity

Create a picture that volunteers taking shopping to isolated people can share to let them know you are thinking of them. Make it bright and colourful with the words "We are thinking of You" or similar.  Post it on our Gallery and we will send it on.

Don't forget to share photos of your messy creations in our gallery below

2) Share your Messy Creations

Take a photo of your messy creations and upload it so we can all share in what you have done. Please don't include any peoples or children's faces. Click on the "post image" button to share your photo.

After uploading you may need to refresh your screen to see your image.

Post Image Post Video URL

3) Its Tidy Up Time

4) Talk and Prayers 

Ark of Noah website

5) Time for Messy Grace

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