God, Jesus and the journey of life in six sessions

What Is Start?

Start is a fast paced, interactive exploration of the Christian faith. In six lively sessions we look at 

  • Life - whats it all about and where are we going?
  • God - does he exist and , if so, what is he like?
  • Mess - why is the world- and all of us - so messed up?
  • Jesus - who was he , and how can he be relevant today?
  • Cross - what can the death of Jesus mean for us now?
  • Onwards - how can I go forward with God in my life.

If you have questions about life and the Christian faith and are looking for answers then why not make a Start!

When is it happening


WE hope to have a new Start course soon please contact Adrian Thompson by email or phone 01900 821288 for more information 

Contact Us

Parish Administrator: Sue Lake


Phone: 01900 829926.

Hours: 0900 to 1600 Wednesday and Thursday and 0900 to 1200 on Friday.

Address: South Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9RU